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Milano 2017 – 'Age of Man' show with Form&Seek

From 4 to 9 April Lumps of clay is on show in Ventura Lambrate in Milan, as part of the Form&Seek show 'Age of Man'. Read an introduction by Purva Chawla:

There is a growing consensus today, that we are living in an age where the earth has been so deeply impacted by humanity, that a new geologic epoch–the Anthropocene–needs to the declared. The Anthropocene, or ‘Age of Man’ can be visualized as a distinct and heavy footprint on the earth–one that is defined by our industrialization, technological advancement, and rampant consumer culture.

This realization has triggered a growing awareness in our society today, especially for designers and artists, who are reflecting on their roles most deeply. They are, in fact, using it as a springboard for new, progressive design, and seizing the opportunity to shift attitudes and cultures for the future.

Designers, therefore, are well-aligned to play a leading role in shaping our future attitude towards natural resources, determine production processes and consumption of goods. This belief is at the heart of Form&Seek’s ‘Age of Man’ exhibit, where a talented and diverse collective will present their compelling vision for the future, and design solutions that are best suited for our age. From existing works, curated for the exhibition, to entirely new design, created exclusively for the ‘Age of Man,' the Form&Seekers’ work explores themes that are both rooted in the past and racing towards the future.